Want Healthy Teeth and Gums? Eat These Foods – American Dental Care

When it comes to dental hygiene is often thought of as taking the time to floss and brush daily. But that’s only half the fight. It’s also crucial to pay attention to what we eat and avoid. In this clip we will show you the is recommended by a dentist in the family and the ones he would not recommend.

Cod liver oil is a must be a part of your everyday eating habits. Though it may not appear an ideal choice it has many advantages regarding your teeth and gums. Vitamin A, D and F that are found in cod liver oil can assist in the prevention of gum disease as well as stimulate calcium transfer. Cod liver oil is tasty. It doesn’t hurt to give an attempt. It is also good for teeth. You should avoid eating too much butter as it may be rich in sugars and fats. Sugars are something that you must stay clear of. Sugar-producing bacteria love acid. Cavities are caused by the acid.