Tips for Trouble Shooting a Hot Water Heater – BF Plumbing Durham

Trouble shooting a hot water heater various designs and sizes as well as serve various purposes based on their size and intended use. The gas and electric hot water heaters are among the most sought-after.
Gas and electric hot water heaters

Heating systems for electric and gas are two different things. While both systems can supply hot water, gas systems generate heat via the burning of energy (gas). Electric heaters, however, on the other hand, rely upon electric resistance coils.

Gas hot water heaters are preferred by some home owners since they don’t use electricity. Some prefer electric hot water heaters due to their efficiency in energy use. Understanding the differences between gas and electric hot water systems is important when purchasing a brand new model. The information could help when replacing or troubleshooting an old heated water heater. Here are a few tips for trouble shooting a hot water heater.

There’s no hot water

The most visible sign an indication that your water heater may need repair is the lack in hot water. If your water heater is unable to create hot water, it could be due to the absence of power either from a defective limit switch, or a malfunctioning heating component. Before calling residential plumbing experts to solve the problem, start by checking the circuit breakers. Be sure the circuit breaker does not appear to be in a state of being activated. If it’s not it, turn it off, then on again.

Examine the settings of the thermostat for your hot water heater if it has one. If no hot water is running through the tap, turn the thermostat off. Verify that you have the pressure switch open. To test the pressure switch, you should be able to hear it click upon pressing the switch. If no sounds are heard, open and close the valve that is located on the cold water line. If hot water does not coming out of the tap, make sure you have the valve open and then change the pilot light. The pilot light where the flame is located from the top in the furnace. You may need to clean or replace that pilot light. A residential plum