The Ultimate Bride’s Survival Guide – David Bibeault Photography

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Parents of the bride and groom might be financially different which is why you could be best served by grouping your money into the fund that you will be able to manage. Don’t need to guarantee to them that they’ll manage it. Imagine the number of guests you would like to invite on your wedding. While you can be accommodating, don’t let yourself be pressured into inviting way more than you would like. The more you consider all the aspects of your wedding, the more prepared you’ll be.

11. Eat, Drink, and enjoy!

It’s easy to get caught on the buzz and excitement of the day without checking up on your health. The ultimate guide to surviving the wedding suggests that you keep yourself hydrated in case you begin feeling somewhat woozy while saying your vows. You should eat nutritiously and drink lots of fluids to make sure your body does not have to use the bathroom every now every now and then. Have fun, take pleasure in socializing, and take pictures and memories you will want to relive repeatedly.

In The Knot’s 2021 Real Weddings Study, the average cost of a wedding is about $28,000. The venue is the biggest chunk of that approximately 30 percent. Catering is next, taking around 23% of your budget. Bands can cost 13 percent. Other items such as photography, flowers, alcohol and wedding planners cost 10% of your budget..

While $28,000 might seem quite a bit it’s not, but there are lots of smaller weddings worth the sum of $10,000. The ultimate bride’s guide recommends having an event that is within your budget. Look into ways to reduce costs, such as hiring friends and family for various roles, a smaller number of guests, opting for suburban places, and picking an off-peak day and season. Be flexible and negotiate where possible, add an additional amount of money to your budget for any unexpected expenses. A key element to have the most perfect wedding is