Should You Host Your Own Mail Server? – The Buy Me Blog

Mail Server Is it a good idea?,” Mail server is a complicated, multifaceted server that should not be run by a common Joe without any IT knowledge. Operating your own mail server is feasible for anyone with the basic IT skills and a basic understanding about servers in general.

Although anyone is able to learn to manage their own email server, not everybody should. Being a server host means the owner takes full responsibility for the up-time, maintenance and keeping an eye on the server. If you encounter any power loss or issue, your server will stop working.

Furthermore, hosting your own mail server poses safety concerns that are usually addressed by a 3rd of the host. Hosting a mail server requires an amount of time which can be used elsewhere, as well. The unpredictability that hosting a mail server brings is greater than the benefits.

If one ends with their own server but it’s not a total disaster. A mail server is a great way to learn new techniques and skills. Additionally, it can be helpful for people who need complete management of capabilities and functions of their email server.