See How Prevalent Press Releases Have Become

Ap press releases

Earlier this week, the White House sent out a press release and fact sheet on its new “Power Africa” initiative. This statement detailed the reasons for the $7 billion dollar project, and how it will deliver power to much of the African continent by 2030. After being sent out, this release traveled through a host of press release sites and news organizations. This strategy enables one to reach the most amount of people in the shortest amount of time.

In the age of social media and the internet, using a press release submission service may sound somewhat old fashioned to some people. However, press releases still hold tremendous value today. From the European Commission to members of the United States Congress, people spend a lot of time figuring out how to get attention on important news. Whether something is in an AP press release format or not, they can still be sent out on the wires, after which the entire world will have access.

Many governing agencies send out dozens of press releases a day, often through a press release submission service. The European Commission, located in Brussels, has recently released several statements concerning such topics as new rules for state aid regarding airlines and airports, and an update on the progress of trade talks between the EU and Japan.

Sending something out on a press release submission service is a sure fire way to make sure that it reaches its intended audience. If an energy company were to send something out to a website designed to reach nature lovers and people clamoring for environmental news, the reception may be less than warm. If a release is not reaching the intended audience, no one will end up caring about what it has to say, no matter how important it may be to a particular company or organization.

Knowing how a press release submission service works and how to go about using one could be a tremendous advantage. Aside from sending them out on the news wires, people can also send out press releases online. By sending an important announcement across social media and websites dedicates to the spread of information, anyone can see to it that their message reaches the right people.