Revealing a Day in the Life of an OBGYN – News Health

necologists, also known as OBGYN perform a vital role in providing these services at hospitals. The obstetrics and the night rotation are the most common duties at the hospital.

Beginning at 7 a.m. and the surgical obstetrics shift ends around 5 p.m. First, the doctor signs in , then goes through report of the night personnel of the rotation. They get updated on all patients and run the post- and pre-ops. They help patients prepare for surgery and deal with any post-partum issues. They perform ward rounds, and get settled to complete the report of sign-out from 5 pm before handing it to night round experts at 5:55 at night.

Evening rounds begin around 5:05 pm, and they are the busiest. The residents are given further training before they are able to be assigned to shifts which has the greatest number of activities. A junior and senior resident are responsible for the night time round. A junior resident is responsible for high-risk cases while the senior resident is responsible for high-risk ones. The shift is initiated by studying the patient’s sign-out reports. They perform major surgeries, C-sections and monitors postpartum. They prepare and turn in an official report after the procedure. xpzjyvii4d.