Persian Antique Rug Restoration at Its Finest – Melrose Painting

It’s well-made and is sure to last for decades. Once you have purchased a rug and are given guidelines on how to care for the rug. When washing it, take out all crumbs, dirt and dust with the aid of a vacuum. Beware of using untested cleaning products or brands. You should only choose cleansers which are safe for the color and texture of the fabric.

Do not rub against the natural wool direction during the cleaning of your rug. It is generally accepted that dry rug cleaning is preferable in comparison to drawing with water to avoid damage to the rug. The rug may be damaged if it’s not dried completely after cleaning. The reason for this can be caused by the extreme temperature during the days.

It is important to clean and dry your rug as soon as it is dry. It should be kept out of direct sunlight. Experts can remove the affected areas during an antique rug restoration, and replace it with new wefts or warps. Following that the pile is stitched again. The result is an unnoticeable repair to the front; only an expert can tell where the patch is at the back.