Inground Plaster Pool Upgrade – Shopping Video

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Get rid of all the water, and then begin to take off and demolish old tiles. You may rent an hammer pneumatically powered or the hammer you have at home and chisel for removing these tiles. Also, take off the scratch coat (adhesive) that was used to fix the old tiles to the pool’s walls. It’s easy to put in new tiles.

In order to clean the pool after placing the tiles, you are able to use a pressure cleaner. Cleanliness is crucial in order to remove loose paint, dirt, dust, grime, and mud out of the pool. To attach new pool coatings on existing plasters, apply a bond coating. You can apply the coat with a spray gun rollers, or brush.

The concrete mixer mixes the pebble tec with cement along with the dye. After that, pour the mixture onto the surface of your pool using an hosepipe that is at high pressure. In order to fine-level the mixture and improve its density, you can twirl the mixture. For the removal of stains and microorganisms like algae, acid-wash your pool’s surface. After that, clean your pool with water. Water will dissolve the acid and cause the plaster to etch. u8j42ovgi2.