How a Simple Caregiver Journal Can Support Elderly Health Tracking – Greg’s Health Journal

The doctor can give the best diagnosis and the best treatment.

Sometimes, older adults aren’t able to offer precise information regarding their medical condition. If they are suffering with Alzheimer’s disease, dementia or another form of Alzheimer’s, their memory could be blurred. Your caregiver’s journal can help to ensure that the doctor has accurate data that comes from a trustworthy source.

4. by allowing the continuity of care during your absence

According to a study done carried out by Home Care Pulse involving 5000 caregivers, the retention rate of caregivers ranges from 40 to 67 percent, and many caregivers quit due to issues like poor communication , and lack of recognition. If you’re employed, it’s possible that you will not work with an agency any longer. If you’re a non-paid family caregiver, situations like moving between states might cause you to cease services.

Journals for caregivers can assist in tracking health issues of elderly people even in your absence. The personal or professional motives for ceasing to provide care shouldn’t be the primary reason for why an elderly patient’s overall health declines. If the patient has Orthopedic treatment, they ought to be receiving treatment during your absence.

Thus, a thorough care journal for your caregiver is among your most appreciated gifts that you could give to your former patient. The next caregiver can access data like doctor’s appointments, emerging issues in the seniors’ health, as well as events in the past like accidents. The tracking of healthcare doesn’t end at the point you’re in.

5. Facilitate the sharing of information

Sharing your information is an additional way caregiver journals can assist to monitor the health of older adults. As previously noted, your patient is dependent on different personnel, most aren’t privy to the same amount of information you do. The information you store in your memory might not contain exactly the same as the information you see on paper, or in an application.

Many caregivers without pay also must fulfill other obligations, like the financial and work planning for the patient. It is important to be aware of the following: