Free Press Releases for Small Business!

Free press release service

Within the realm of online marketing in 2013, it is crucial that businesses offer high quality content that web users will find interesting and useful. The fact is that the typical web user will decide if a link is useful to him or her in less than three seconds. Naturally, if the content in a given website press release is nothing more than keywordy gibberish, or drivel that merely states the obvious, the link will quickly fade into internet oblivion.

On the other hand, compelling, colorful, and fact driven business press releases and PR news wire will attract more attention, garner more hits, and will help websites rise among the all important Google rankings. Obviously, this is the main objective of the internet marketing strategy that we all know as search engine optimization. When it comes to SEO in the year 2013, more than ever before, content is still king!

According to the latest SEO marketing stats, seven of ten internet users prefer organic links over paid links. What does this mean for businesses and web marketing professionals? It means that higher quality, authentic content will earn more hits. One way to achieve this is through business press releases that are created with specific audiences in mind.

When it comes to business press releases, general marketing principles apply; and thus, with the help of press release submission services, businesses can create online PR news aimed at as narrow, or as broad, a target audience as a project requires. For small businesses, free press release services would be an even more affordable alternative, but it could be equally effective.

In this day and age, there are innumerable internet marketing options available to businesses of all sizes and industry experience. When it comes to the authentic, useful content that web users prefer, written content like blogs, articles, and press releases offer the ideal opportunity for business to give web users what they want.