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A few testosterone-based medications may cause tooth misalignment, or even loss of teeth. The development and growth of teeth are dependent upon the hormones you use. When the hormones stop functioning and your teeth become ill-fitting, issues with the enamel, gums and teeth could develop. Braces for adults may be required in the most severe instances. Braces may take between six and six years to perform the desired role. Be aware of dry mouth, which is a frequent consequence of testosterone. This condition could lead to more serious issues if not treated early enough.

Dry mouth, as an example could have a substantial effect on a person’s appetite. The effect is because saliva plays a major role in the digestion of foods. You can take testosterone medications and eat the foods high in moisture. Dry mouth can also cause you to be thirsty and can affect your ability to sleep. These adverse side effects are averted by taking the recommended dosage daily of testosterone.

The common testosterone medications can trigger unwanted side consequences. If you have one of these adverse effects It is crucial to talk to your doctor.

Hormone therapy is used to combat a variety of ailments caused by low testosterone among men. While hormones can provide rapid boosts to testosterone levels in men, there are negative side effects that may affect the health of your body as well as your overall wellbeing.

If you are deciding on the best route for therapy, be sure to know what testosterone therapy does to the body. Use of testosterone creams and gels can cause dryness in the mouth which may cause watery eyes. If you have noticed fluid leakage from your eyes, it may be a sign of an eye infection. This isn’t a common side effect and typically occurs after hormone therapy has been used for an extended period of time.

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