A Car Care List to Keep in Mind – Muscle Car Sites


K is the Fan Belt

Is your car engine overheating? A faulty fan belt could be causing your car’s overheating. Some other indicators include belt noise, a stiff steering wheel, flickering lights the belt is cracked, the engine is not starting. If you experience these problems, you should take your car for a examination. In order to avoid any future issues take the time to add fan belt inspections to the quarterly maintenance checklist for your vehicle.

2. It’s possible to change the oil

One of the major benefits to changing your engine oil is that it extends the longevity of the engine. Also, it is a cost-effective means to decrease the amount of fuel consumed thus making it less costly to the pocket as well as helping you save money.

A fervent environmentalist will be delighted to know that the quarterly changes in oil significantly decrease the harmful emission. Old oil may produce dangerous engine emissions, as opposed to new oil.

3. Replace the Oil Filter

Your car’s oil filter can develop a blockage within three months, due to carbon dust and other substances. The clogged filters of your oil could significantly impact the performance of your engine and your vehicle. So, it’s essential to replace oil filters in order to prolong our car’s longevity as an engine.

4. Examine Power Steering Fluid

It’s vital to stay clear of any contamination to your car’s fuels including the power steering fluid makes no one of them. A poor steering performance may be due to dirty steering fluid. The majority of the time, oxidation can be a common contamination process that alters the color of the liquid, decreasing its efficiency. In order to ensure that your power steering functions efficiently It is recommended to check it every quarter.

5. Check the Hoses for cracks.

The main ingredient is rubber. It’s the primary component of hoses. It contracts and expands in response to changes in temperature. It is prone to wear and tear, particularly when it is exposed to heat. In time, the material becomes less elastic, which can lead to cracking. It is therefore advisable to replace your