8 Steps to a Proper Press Release

Ap style press release format

There are lots of situations in which a company might want to write a press release. However, there are many intricacies to writing AP press releases. Because of that, many individuals, even if they know when the right moment to produce one is, might struggle to do so properly. If that is the case, they should try to find AP style press release formatting tips online. One of the best places to do so, is WikiHow, which offers a simple 8 step formatting guide.

1. Write “FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE” in all caps and a bold font on the top left of the press release. Doing so stresses the importance and immediacy of the information and helps to make it a priority.

2. Create an interesting headline that provides a bit of information and helps the reader want to go further. It should be short, no longer than a phrase or sentence, but must be noticeable. A strong headline can go a long way towards making a press release effective.

3. Although it is optional, a subheadline with information including the date, and location of the press release can provide individuals with some more data about what they are about to read.

4. It is important to identify the date and location of a story right away in a press release. Those might be the two most important bits of information in the entire release, and without seeing them right away, it is possible that readers will lose interest.

5. The text is always a critical part of any press release. Paragraphs should only be a couple of sentences each, and important details need to be included early. Incorporating unique content, like quotes, help make a story sound more interesting and make it more likely to be written about. Having the right AP style press release formatting here will help it seem more credible and more likely to be picked up as well.

6. List company contact information at the bottom so that a reporter will be able to follow up with questions or comments. Adding some basic information about a company to let the reader know what it is does could also help.

7. At the bottom of the last page, write “END” so that readers know they have completed the press release.

8. Write ### or the word count of the press release underneath “END.”

These steps are relatively simple, but are key for individuals who want to write a great press release. If someone wants a more visual representation, they should also look for AP style press release format templates to get more help.