10 More Days to Go Before Vacation! How Do I Prepare My House Before I Leave? – Summer Travel Tips


or table throughout winter. In addition, it is worth making an appointment for a professional inspection and maintenance to help improve the energy efficiency of your heating unit. An energy efficient heating system requires less oil per day even on colder days, compared to an inefficient system that is more efficient.
Be sure to clean the toilet tank

However, in all cases the septic system should be checked at least each three to five years, in accordance with Bob Vila. If your tank’s septic is not pumped regularly the sludge could build up and lead to problems, such as the emergence of a sewage backflow or a pooling up in the drain field. If you’ve not scheduled a Septic cleansing in a while, it’s best to complete it before you go on vacation, especially those who will be away for more than a month. When you’re gone it is unlikely that your tank will have a fresh inflow of new bacteria generated by your family, but the existing bacteria population could begin to decline. Hiring a professional septic company can ensure that the tank is clean and tidy at the time you return. This may increase its capacity to deal with and dispose of waste.

Make sure you inspect your HVAC

Preparing your home’s HVAC system is especially important if you’re planning a summer vacation. If you take the proper precautions to ensure your house remains warm and habitable while you’re away. Make sure to check the air filters while you count down to the remaining days. If you haven’t replaced the filter for a long time there’s a good chance it’s blocked. Filters with clogs can lower HVAC efficiency and restrict air flow. Thus, having a clear filter makes sure that your house’s indoor air remains clean and will prevent air filter issues. In addition to changing the air filter is also a great idea to schedule an inspection with a specialist in case there’s a possibility of HVAC repairs that require to be taken care of.

A qualified and experienced HVAC technician will utilize their expert eye to spot deeper issues