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Based on the Department of Energy a cool roofing system can cut your power consumption by 30 percent. The leaky roof of the past allows warm or cold air and makes the AC work extra hard.

The different roofing materials could result in energy savings of small and large amounts. Think about the savings potential that energy can bring to residential roofing contractors. If you decide to go with the cool option for your roofing and you receive government incentives, especially if your roofing material has a high E-Star rating.

4. Continue to maintain insurance coverage

Insurance companies will not cover roofing expenses in case of an event that causes hail or an accident. Wear and tear from normal use isn’t covered by certain insurance providers. Insurance companies will also refrain from taking care of roofs with a time limit that exceeds the lifespan of their roofs.

It is your responsibility to assume care of your roof’s upkeep since you are a homeowner. Your insurance company is required to continue the coverage. So that you will not need to pay the most amount on insurance, you can always find cheap options for roofing.

5. Quality Air Quality

Did you know that your roof can affect conditions of the air inside your home? Your roof could affect the house’s ventilation. Ventilation from the roof allows the exchange of air between indoor and outdoor. This helps to control the humidity level as well as energy efficiency. There will be cooler winters as well as warm summers, if you have a roofing system that is practical.

If your roof vents don’t work properly, you will notice that your home is filled with humid and moldy air. The air in your home can trigger the proliferation of microbes and can cause respiratory issues to you and your family. If you choose a skilled roofer to put up a brand new roof the house will breathe cooling and fresh air.

6. Protect your family

Everyone wishes their family members to be able to sleep under their heads.’ They are safe from the elements of the sun and rain. But, the roo